Warranty Policy


  1. According to the provisions of Law 19.496, article 21, Unibag offers 6 months warranty from the delivery of the product when one or more of the following cases are present:

1.1 Defective products due to manufacturing errors such as poorly sealed, unsealed, unpainted, stained, broken, cracked, among others.

1.2 Products with printing errors with respect to the documents accepted by the customer.

1.3 Products with a size different from that accepted by the customer.

1.4 Products with missing parts required by the customer, such as snaps, buttons, zippers, pockets, among others.

1.5 Products that represent a danger to the consumer.

1.6 Products that are unable to be used.

  1. Unibag undertakes to repair all defective products within a period not exceeding one month after Unibag is notified.
  2. If the product is repaired, but the fault persists or there is a new fault within a period not exceeding 3 months from delivery of the repaired product, the consumer has the right to re-exercise his right to warranty.
  3. In the event of unrepairable faults, Unibag undertakes to replace all failed products within a maximum of 90 days after it is determined that the product is not repairable.
  4. If the product has any of the faults described in points 1.1 to 1.6 and, in addition, due to the nature of the use of the product, the customer does not require the repaired product, then Unibag undertakes to refund the amount paid, discounting the administrative and financial costs charged by other parties outside Unibag, such as Transbank’s commission, dispatch by an external company, among others.
  5. To make effective use of the warranty, consumers must go directly to the company either in person or through the mail [email protected], presenting the receipt, invoice or other legal document that proves the purchase.

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